Srovnávací test A1-C1 2010

1   Cambridge _________ a beautiful city.
    a) be  b) are  c) is

2   I’m _________ taxi-driver.
 a) any  b) an  c) a

3   My sister _________ .
    a) is ten.  b) is ten years.  c) has ten years.

4   John and Tom are _________ friends.
    a) Peter  b) Peter’s  c) of Peter

5  This is my boyfriend. _________ French.
    a) He’s  b) She’s  c) It’s

6   My teacher’s from Canada, and _________ name’s Lisa.
    a) your  b) our  c) her

7  JANE Is there a bus stop near here?
SUE _________ .
    a) Yes, there’s.  b) Yes, there is.  c) Yes, there are.

8   Anna _________ in a bank.
    a) work  b) works  c) is work

9   I can _________ Spanish.
    a) speaking  b) to speak  c) speak

10  Let’s _________ tennis today.
    a) play  b) to play  c) playing

11   What time _________ get up in the morning?
    a) you  b) do you  c) are you

12   _________ is this T-shirt?
    a) How many  b) How much  c) How price

13   Mel loves snow but Tom doesn’t _________ it.
    a) likes  b) like  c) liking

14   I _________ to Italy for my holiday last year.
    a) went  b) go c) was

15  Jeff and Nancy _________ to watch a film tonight.
    a) are going  b) is going  c) going

16   I’m _________ . I want a sandwich.
    a) angry  b) hungry  c) thirsty

17  Hello, _________ I speak to Jane, please?
    a) do  b) will  c) can  d) am

18   What’s your _________ sport?
    a) important  b) favourite  c) beautiful  d) nice

19   JOE When’s our next lesson?
STEVE _________ Wednesday.
    a) In  b) On  c) At  d) By

20  Sorry, I haven’t got _________ coffee. Is tea OK?
    a) some  b) any  c) many  d) a

21   WAITER Anything else, sir?
CUSTOMER _________ .
    a) That’s all, thanks.  b) Here you are.  c) No, it isn’t.  d) You’re welcome.

22   Jim _________ got a car.
    a) doesn’t  b) hasn’t  c) isn’t  d) haven’t

23   What _________ Simon for his birthday?
    a) about buying  b) shall we buy  c) to buy  d) let’s buy

24   Excuse me. _________ got the time, please?
    a) You have  b) Are you  c) Do you have  d) Have you

25   _________ on the internet is easy.
    a) Shop  b) To shop  c) For shopping  d) Shopping

26   There aren’t _________ new houses in that street.
    a) many  b) much  c) some  d) a lot

27  London is _________ expensive than New York.
    a) more  b) very  c) too  d) quite

28   What _________ the food like at the party last night?
    a) did  b) had  c) was  d) were

29   Look! It _________ .
    a) rains  b) raining  c) does rain  d) is raining

30  Alex loves giving presents. He’s very _________ .
    a) selfish  b) shy  c) lazy  d) generous

31   What’s _________ ? You look upset.
    a) bad  b) wrong  c) happen  d) matter

32  I enjoy _________ because I like laughing.
    a) love stories  b) comedies  c) action films  d) science fiction films

33   Hi George! _________ a good weekend?
    a) Did you have  b) Have you got  c) Had you got  d) Do you have

34   _________ to go for a pizza this evening?
    a) Do you like  b) What do you want  c) How about  d) Would you like

35  If you want to get fit, you _________ do more sport.
    a) will  b) would  c) should  d) have

36   Have you ever _________ to Australia?
    a) been  b) go  c) be  d) went

37  I _________ 18 years old when I started my first job.
    a) were  b) had  c) was  d) did

38   I didn’t _________ TV last night.
    a) watched  b) watching  c) watch  d) not watched

39   My grandfather was born eighty years _________ .
    a) since  b) last  c) ago  d) when

40  It was nice to meet you. See you _________ , I hope.
    a) later  b) more  c) always  d) longer

41   I’m _________ sorry, but I can’t come to your party tonight.
    a) much  b) awful  c) really  d) such

42   John _________ his wife in 2004.
    a) has met  b) met  c) did he meet  d) was met

43   I’m sure _________ a great time at the party next Saturday.
    a) we’ll have  b) we’re having  c) we have  d) we go to have

44   How much time do you _________ doing your English homework?
    a) work  b) give  c) make  d) spend

45  Are you going shopping? _________ with you if you like.
    a) I’ll come  b) I come  c) I’m coming  d) I can be coming

46   Jane is the _________ girl in her class.
    a) richer  b) more popular  c) worse  d) happiest

47  Excuse me, I _________ if you could show me the way to the train station?
    a) would like  b) wonder  c) may ask  d) hope

48   In England people usually _________ hands when they first meet.
    a) give  b) shake  c) take  d) put

49   Hurry up or we’ll _________ our train!
    a) lose  b) fail  c) catch  d) miss

50  I was so _________ yesterday because I fell asleep in class!
    a) calm  b) nervous  c) happy  d) embarrassed

51   _________ anything next Friday?
    a) Do you  b) Do you do  c) Did you  d) Are you doing

52  Many types of watches _________ in Switzerland.
    a) are made  b) made  c) are making  d) is made

53   I _________ my driving test last week, so now I’ll have to take it again.
    a) passed  b) lost  c) failed  d) got

54   SUSAN I’ve got four sisters.
RUTH _________ you?
    a) Do  b) Got  c) Are  d) Have

55  What would you do if you _________ a million pounds?
    a) win  b) would win  c) won  d) winning

56   I’m trying to _________ money to buy a new car.
    a) save  b) waste  c) spend  d) lend

57  You’re from Liverpool, _________ ?
    a) aren’t you  b) isn’t it  c) don’t you  d) you are

58   You _________ to study hard if you want to pass your exams.
    a) must  b) should  c) have  d) supposed

59   I’m usually too _________ after work to go out.
    a) furious  b) exhausted  c) fascinated  d) angry

60  My parents _________ married since 1985.
    a) have been  b) are  c) were  d) got

61   If you go to London, the Tate Modern is really worth _________ .
    a) to see  b) seeing  c) to be seen  d) see

62   I _________ home yesterday when it started raining.
    a) walk  b) was walking  c) have walked  d) have been walking

63   People say English people tend _________ rather reserved.
    a) being  b) be  c) to be  d) be

64   Take your umbrella _________ it rains.
    a) unless  b) because  c) as  d) in case

65  Could you _________ me a favour please?
    a) do  b) make  c) give  d) help

66   Many new houses _________ in the town where I live.
    a) build  b) have been building  c) are being built  d) are building

67   _________ to post that card to Pete – it’s his birthday tomorrow.
    a) If I were you, I’d  b) You should  c) Don’t forget  d) You’d better

68   I don’t know many people _________ still smoke nowadays.
    a) they  b) what  c) which  d) who

69   Mary went to the party _________ of her headache.
    a) although  b) in spite  c) even though  d) despite

70  I think I’ve got a cold. I can’t stop _________ .
    a) to sneeze  b) sneezing  c) sneeze  d) the sneezing

71   If you don’t know the meaning of a word, you can _________ in a dictionary.
    a) get it out  b) point it out  c) look it up  d) come up with it

72   _________ I opened the window?
    a) May  b) Would you mind if  c) Could  d) Do you mind

73   My doctor _________ me I should eat less meat.
    a) told  b) spoke to  c) said  d) told to

74  Peter _________ me to go to the theatre with him next week.
    a) offered  b) invited  c) promised  d) suggested

75  Sorry, I didn’t quite what you said. _________ what you said.
    a) catch  b) listen  c) take  d) know

76   I wish I _________ get up early every morning!
    a) didn’t have to  b) mustn’t  c) hadn’t  d) wouldn’t have to

77  Jane _________ from Cambridge University with a degree in Law.
    a) graduated  b) passed  c) studied  d) qualified

78   Hi Jenny. How’s it _________ ?
    a) making  b) getting  c) going  d) doing

79   I don’t smoke now, but I _________ smoke 20 a day!
    a) am used to  b) used to  c) use to  d) was used to

80  Paris is _________ the Eiffel Tower.
    a) famous for  b) impressed by  c) fascinated by  d) excited about

81   If I _________ earlier, I wouldn’t have been late for work.
    a) left  b) was leaving  c) had left  d) have left

82   JACK Would you like me to help you?
SUE No it’s OK, but thanks _________ .
 a) to offer  b) the offer  c) you offer  d) for offering

83   The film sounded interesting, but it _________ to be really boring.
    a) worked out  b) took off  c) came round  d) turned out

84   This time next week I _________ on the beach on holiday!
    a) will go to sit  b) am sitting  c) will sit  d) will be sitting

85  One argument _________ not smoking is that you save a lot of money!
    a) in favour of  b) to agree with  c) it’d be better if  d) to make you

86   I have never _________ to Scotland.
    a) been going  b) went  c) been  d) going

87   _________ my advice!
    a) Listen  b) Hear  c) Take  d) Do

88   I’m going to ask my bank for a _________ to redecorate the kitchen.
    a) credit  b) loan  c) savings  d) debt

89   ANDREW I’m sorry I’m late.
DAVID It _________ !
    a) doesn’t matter  b) matters  c) never mind  d) alright

90  I was _________ tired last night that I fell asleep on the sofa.
    a) very  b) too  c) so  d) such

91   Do you fancy _________ away for the weekend?
    a) to go  b) go  c) going  d) we go

92  How often do you have _________ ?
    a) your hair cut  b) cut your hair  c) got your hair cut  d) hair cut

93   What _________ me about Steve is that he’s always late!
    a) bores  b) annoys  c) hates  d) dislikes

94   By 2020 I believe we will _________ a settlement on Mars.
    a) have built  b) have been building  c) be built  d) been built

95  It’s difficult to _________ a living with a part-time job.
    a) get  b) make  c) work  d) do

96   I haven’t got my keys. I _________ them at home.
    a) should have left  b) must leave  c) couldn’t leave  d) must have left

97  As soon as I _________ this book, I’ll help you clean the car.
    a) have finished  b) will have finished  c) am going to finish  d) will finish

98   Andy _________ enjoyed backpacking in the foothills of the Himalayas.
    a) strongly  b) heavily  c) thoroughly  d) firmly

99   Jack Reid won the award for best actor, _________ came as a surprise to many.
    a) who  b) that  c) what  d) which

100   _________ from above, Niagara Falls look even more spectacular.
    a) Seeing  b) Having seen  c) Seen  d) Been seeing

101   Although the job applicant was well qualified, the interviewers found her _________ .
    a) confident  b) arrogant  c) hopeful  d) self-assured

102   The taxi managed to arrive on time, _________ the traffic was very heavy.
    a) despite  b) whereas  c) although  d) even

103   The minister was forced to _________ a press conference to deny the rumours.
    a) make  b) do  c) hold  d) take

104   Someone’s taken my mobile! I clearly remember _________ it on the table.
    a) putting  b) to put  c) I’ve put  d) to have put

105  Scientists are _________ research into creating energy from leaves.
    a) putting up  b) trying on  c) taking in  d) carrying out

106   Plans to build the new stadium suffered a _________ when the major sponsor withdrew his support.
    a) downturn  b) breakdown  c) setback  d) backlash

107  Travelling by train is _________ less stressful than driving.
    a) absolutely  b) extremely  c) totally  d) considerably

108   If you _________ have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    a) would  b) could  c) should  d) might

109   Quite _________ , I think a lot of this talk about climate change is exaggerated.
    a) clearly  b) frankly  c) plainly  d) openly

110  I wish I _________ go out this evening. I’d rather stay in and watch a film.
    a) didn’t have to  b) haven’t to  c) hadn’t had to  d) haven’t had to

111   Make sure you’ve had all the necessary injections before going into the jungle, _________ you’ll risk catching
tropical diseases.
    a) in case  b) otherwise  c) providing  d) unless

112  Many companies are expected _________ out of business during the recession.
    a) they will go  b) going  c) that they go  d) to go

113   _________ the summer being so hot, sales of air-conditioners rose.
    a) Because  b) As a result  c) Due to  d) Consequently

114  It’s time _________ the fact that he’ll never make it as a rock musician.
    a) he accepts  b) he’ll accept  c) he accepted  d) he’d accept

115  The waiter _________ us the impression that he couldn’t wait to finish his shift.
    a) made  b) gave  c) had  d) showed

116   Kim still hasn’t got _________ to starting his essay.
    a) through  b) off  c) over  d) round

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